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Yet the continent is not immune to war – Britain, France, Belgium and others are heavily involved in external conflict in the Middle East, and face a growing threat to peace from international terrorism.So given all the dire warnings from either side about the security of Europe if Britain leaves the EU, does the IEP foresee a change in the region’s fortunes in the event of Brexit?

“If positive peace is strong enough, then a country which is presented with shocks won’t actually have a deterioration in peace [as measured by violence],” he said.

Finally, the index identified Europe once again as the most peaceful region in the world, and by some margin, home to seven of the top 10 countries on the list.

Penelopy Mansell went to Revive Gym on Willis St in Wellington, New Zealand, to look at membership options and pricing when she was told she would be unable to join the facility.

Ms Mansell talked to a Revive employee who started to ask a lot questions before eventually saying: 'I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to ask you if you are transgender? espite having completed court procedures to legally change her gender to female on her birth certificate and all other legal documents, Ms Mansell has not had sex reassignment surgery as the waiting list is too long.

“It’s unlikely to have an effect in the short term,” Mr Killelea said.

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